SPRINT RESUL: Advanced Data Processing Platform to Improve Campaign Effectiveness


Sprint Resul

January 22 – January 26, 2024, Indonesia’s tech industry witnessed the latest innovative move from Sprintasia with the launch of Sprint Resul, a Customer Data Platform (CDP) technology solution that promises to transform the way companies manage and utilize their customer data.

In an era where data is becoming one of the most important assets for companies, Customer Data Platforms are becoming increasingly vital. CDP enables companies to collect, manage, and analyze customer data from various sources more efficiently. Thus, CDP helps in unifying scattered data, providing deeper insights into customer behavior, and enabling better personalization in interactions with customers.

This intimate discussion event invited Sprintasia’s existing clients from various Line Of Business (LOB). Starting from Bank, Insurance, E-commerce, Retail, Property, Finance, to Health. Thus the discussion can be more focused on business challenges in processing company customer data. This event also aims to explore the experiences of Sprintasia’s clients’ current business and marketing challenges to provide insight into finding solutions together related to their customer data.

This event began with a company profile video of PT Sprint Asia Technology, then remarks from the President Director of PT Sprint Asia Technology Setyo Harsoyo, a video introduction to the SprintResul product, presentations and discussions, and continued with a prize draw that could make the atmosphere more relaxed.

With the launch of Sprint Resul, it shows the importance of proactively reaching out to customers and prospective customers by utilizing various sources and communication channels available. Thus companies must also be more careful in analyzing customer data and anticipating future customer needs, giving them a greater competitive advantage.


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