Sandeza Integrated 2024: Feature Update

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Sandeza Integrated

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In 2024, Sprint Asia released its latest innovation, Sandeza Integrated. Previously, Sandeza has released several excellent solutions such as intelligent messaging, AI Chatbot, Live Chat, loyalty program, and customer data platform. Now these solutions will be easily accessible in Sandeza Integrated. Sandeza Integrated offers a convenient solution for managing messages, customer relationships, and running loyalty programs in one Sandeza dashboard.

What is Sandeza Integrated?

Sandeza Integrated is a unified dashboard designed to house all solutions offered by Sandeza such as intelligent messaging, Live Chat, AI Chatbot, and Loyalty Programs in one dashboard so that users do not need to access many separate dashboards to run their campaigns from each solution. Users will only need to access one service and choose to use the required features such as Chatbot, Live Chat, or Intelligent messaging.

Sandeza Integrated Dashboard Key Features

  1. Single Dashboard
    The main purpose of launching Sandeza Integrated is to make it easier for users to now use Messaging, Chatbot, and Live Agent services in one unified dashboard.
  2. Ease of Integration between services
    Sandeza Integrated provides a system that combines various services in one platform. This means all data and business processes can be managed in one place, reducing the need to switch between different applications. This not only saves time but also minimizes data risks.
  3. 360 Customer Service
    Sandeza Integrated offers a single platform that makes it easy to provide businesses with a variety of customer services. From marketing broadcasts, offers, special promotions, and customer support, to AI-based chatbot services.
  4. Realtime Report
    This feature makes it easy to monitor all activities (delivery and conversation) between businesses and end users that can be monitored in real-time reporting. In other words, users can see reports directly on the status of their messages after they have broadcasted messages. Not only in real-time but reports can also be pulled according to certain parameters and also for a certain period.
  5. All-In-One Account
    This feature allows users to use various services from Sandeza Integrated (Messaging, Live Chat, and Chatbot) using only one channel account. For example, one WhatsApp account can be used for delivery via Sandeza Integrated’s messaging, Live Chat, or Chatbot services.

Sandeza Integrated is an innovative solution that offers a range of benefits aimed at improving efficiency and productivity through better data management. With services integrated into one unified dashboard, Sandeza Integrated is ready to help businesses improve customer service and meet the challenges of increasingly rapid digital operations. The implementation of this integrated dashboard is not only a step forward in technology but also a strategic investment for a better business future.


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