Live Agent Technology for Customer Service Transformation

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Live agent technology

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A live agent is a technology used as a platform for customers or end-users to ask questions, criticize, and suggest. In this context, “live” refers to live chat and can be integrated with artificial intelligence (AI) technology to improve responses and solutions provided.

Sandeza Intelligent’s Konnek is a live agent technology platform designed to facilitate live customer interaction through various digital channels. Ranging from WhatsApp, Line, and Telegram, to live chat features found on preferred mobile apps, Konnek enables agents to connect with customers efficiently. This gives customers real-time support and helps businesses build closer relationships with their consumers.

Key Features of Konnek Live Agent Technology:

  1. Role Access:
    This feature allows users to create their role names. Access can also be selected according to the role required, whether it can conduct conversations or only read conversations. In addition, the admin can also set access for the Customer Satisfaction feature (CSAT) whether it can determine topics or only view statistical data reports.
  2. Can connect with Chatbot:
    The Chatbot feature can collaborate with a live agent to answer general questions such as company profile, company services, or questions that are often asked by consumers. Meanwhile, the live agent can support more in-depth questions.
  3. Measure Agent Performance:
    Set SLAs to evaluate the team based on their ability to respond to conversations and resolve customer issues effectively using data.
  4. Single Platform:
    Respond quickly to customer queries using a single platform. Agents automatically reply to customer complaints without having to switch apps.

Not only that, Konnek’s Live Agent can also be connected to various communication channels. Starting from WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Manager, and other channels.


Live agent technology takes customer service to the next level, combining artificial intelligence, real-time response, and omnichannel integration. By doing so, companies not only meet customer expectations but also improve their operational efficiency.

Live agent technologies like Konnek are playing a key role in shaping the future of customer interactions. By providing a platform that supports multiple communication channels and utilizes artificial intelligence, Konnek helps companies build stronger relationships with their customers. As a result, customers experience better service, while businesses can improve operational efficiency and gain valuable insights from customers for strategic decision-making. Consult your live agent needs with us here.


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