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Transform your business communication with WhatsApp for Business

Reconnect your marketing, service, and operations teams with the world’s most popular messaging app. Send and receive messages, photos, files, and locations, among other things.


Win the Market with WhatsApp Marketing Notifications


Improve business productivity more effectively with WhatsApp API.

Convert Customers at Scale with Personalized WhatsApp Broadcasts

Turn conversations into sales direct on WhatsApp

Chatbot and Live Chat integration for strong conversations to lead conversions

Our Features

Create excellent interactions by utilizing the advantages of WhatsApp Business API.

WhatsApp Green

Connect to WhatsApp Business Solution official to introduce business profile credibility with a verified green tick.

WhatsApp Broadcast Promotion

Send message information that can be personalized to multiple numbers without worrying about a blocked main number.

Various Message Formats

Design every interaction more pleasant with a support message format through images, videos, and PDFs.

Integrated Chatbot & Live Chat

No more extra cost and extra miles to handle your customer. Optimize the use of chatbots to improve the result.

WhatsApp OTP Solution

Optimize business processes by increasing security by verifying and validating customer WhatsApp numbers.

WhatsApp Responsive Button

Create systems to serve customers automatically with personalized CTA buttons and quick replies.

More reason to choose Whatsapp Business API for customer communication

> 0 Billion
Monthly Active User
0 %
Message Open Rate
0 M +
Message Open Rate
45 %
Click-through Rate/ Engagement Rate

Build Strong Business Acceleration With WhatsApp Automation Solution

Enhance enterprise performance by connecting business systems to a META-verified Sprint Asia WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP).

Automate OTP sending, 2FA authentication messages, notifications, and more according to your targeted desire

It’s time to grow with WhatsApp Business API

Here is a comparative how WhatsApp Business API is different and serve better than WhatsApp Business App

WhatsApp Business API
WhatsApp Business APP
Broadcasting Limit
256 Contacts
Multi-User Access
Unlimited User
Up to 5
Chatbot Integration
Automated Messaging
Broadcast Reaches
All Users
Only who saved your number
Coding Required
Not required if you use Sandeza
As given by WhatsApp
Verified Green Tick
Clickable Messages
Number of Device
Up to 5
Contact Sync
CRM Tool
By phone

Multiple solutions on one platform

Financial Services
Travel & Hospitality

Targeted promotions, exclusive deals, discounts, and schedule servicing through WhatsApp Business API.

Sprint Asia is entrusted by a variety of leading businesses from across industries

The right product for your business

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It allows you to target ads precisely to relevant consumers based on their desire within a particular radius, making the results more effective.

Sandeza Easy Invoice

 It’s a simple tool that helps businesses get paid by sending digital invoice with clickable payment links through messaging apps.

Digital Advertising

Assemble impactful campaigns with innovative approaches and data-driven technologies to deliver sufficient results on mobile platforms.

Improve your business growth with WhatsApp Business Solutions from Sprint Asia


What is WhatsApp Business API?

Applications that help medium and large businesses to communicate with their customers at scale. Companies can connect thousands of agents and bots to interact with customers programmatically and manually using the API.

The green tick label on Whatsapp will distinguish the usual Whatsapp business from Whatsapp business API. Green ticks create customer trust and can take advantage of additional features.

Using the WhatsApp Business API involves registering your business, connecting it with an existing or new phone number, integrating the API with your business system, complying with WhatsApp guidelines and requirements.

Responsive Customer Service.

The WhatsApp Business API enables businesses to respond to customer inquiries and requests in real time quickly. This helps improve customer service and provides a positive customer experience.

Automatic Message.

The WhatsApp Business API allows businesses to automate most of their customer communications. You can create automated messages to answer common questions, welcome customers, or provide essential information.

Integration with Business Systems.

WhatsApp Business API can be integrated with your business systems, such as CRM or booking systems bots, so you can better manage customer messages and information.

Diverse Uses.

WhatsApp Business API is not only limited to text messages. You can send pictures, videos, documents, and voice messages.

Grant of Verified Status.

The WhatsApp Business API gives businesses a verified status with a green tick label, giving customers confidence that they are communicating with a legitimate business.

Additional Features.

The WhatsApp Business API also includes additional features, such as pre-made messages, group messages, and support for template messages that can help with many business communications.

Yes, the fees charged are conversation fees per 24-hour session. Namely, the prices for business-initiated and user-initiated conversations differ for each country. As a Business Solutions Provider, you can contact Sprint Asia Technology for pricing information.

To start using WhatsApp Business API, you must register your business by registering your number with Sprint Asia Technology.