SMS LBA: A Strategy To Reach Your Target Based on Location

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Have you ever been to your favorite mall and suddenly received an SMS offering an interesting promo from one of the stores there? That’s what is called SMS LBA.

In this digital world, technology has opened the door for advertisers to reach consumers in a smarter and more effective way. SMS LBA has become one of the most powerful digital marketing strategies.

What is SMS LBA?
SMS LBA (Short Message Service-Location Based Advertising) is a form of marketing that uses text messages to spread promotions to potential customers. Interestingly, SMS LBA can be sent by utilizing the geographical area information of each consumer’s cellphone, such as malls, airports, offices, campuses, and highways.

The main objective of SMS LBA is to increase sales and reach potential customers effectively. Through SMS LBA, it is possible for your business to target potential customers within a certain radius so as to expand market reach and strengthen relationships with potential customers.

Benefits of Using SMS LBA
SMS LBA offers a number of benefits to advertisers, such as:

  1. More targeted and relevant
    Accurately send advertising messages only to consumers at a specific location and time. Usually also measured based on demographics, such as age, gender, and the type of cellphone used.
  2. Sending messages automatically
    With this feature, advertisers can set promotional messages to be sent at specific times and locations to ensure they are delivered on time and in strategic places.
  3. Masking sender
    This feature will make it easier for advertisers where the name of the message sender will be customized to the brand sending it. This makes your business look credible and trustworthy because it is sent by a name that potential customers recognize.
  4. How Does SMS LBA Work?
    Now that you know how important SMS LBA is to attract potential customers, it’s important to understand how SMS LBA works in more depth.

How Does SMS LBA Work?
Now that you know how important SMS LBA is for attracting potential customers, it’s important to understand how SMS LBA works in more depth.

  1. Location Determination
    Generally, advertisers need to determine the target location before sending SMS to consumers. Advertisers can determine the consumer’s location by using the information provided by the Base Transceiver Station (BTS) operator of the consumer’s cell phone. This means that every time the consumer’s phone is connected to the network, its location information can be accessed by advertisers to find out whether the consumer is in the vicinity of your business location or not.
  2. Profile Customization
    Once the consumer’s location is identified, advertisers will understand and customize the profile of each consumer. The data of each consumer will be sorted and analyzed again so that it matches the advertiser’s preferences.
  3. Promotional Message Delivery
    The last step is sending promotional messages that usually contain special offers, discounts, or other interesting information. The SMS will be sent automatically by the operator which allows the promotional message to be sent to many contacts at once.

SMS LBA has proven to be an effective marketing strategy in reaching targeted consumers. By targeting consumers based on specific locations, businesses can increase interaction with customers and optimize sales levels.

If you want to explore more about SMS LBA, don’t hesitate to consult with us now.


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