Intelligent Messaging

Build meaningful connections through an Intelligent messaging platform

Run marketing campaigns across many integrated communication channels on a single platform to generate leads that will boost sales and customer engagement

Trusted by reputable companies across sectors

Sprint Asia earned reputation as a trusted partner for well-established companies representing a wide range industries

Support for leading platform communication channels

Reach a wider audience through broadcast messages to well-known communication channels in the Indonesian market, such as WhatsApp, SMS, Email, Telegram, Messenger, and LINE.

We ensure your messages are delivered.

There is no need to worry about messages failing to be sent. To ensure that your customers receive the messages, our intelligent messaging platform will automatically resend them via the backup route.

Power up your messaging

Maximize your messaging with features
designed to enhance every aspect of your

Send All

Integrate and delegate. Send messages across multiple channels simultaneously with just one click.

Send Message Dynamic

Different number, different message. Personalize various messages based on user interests.

Report Menu

Monitor the delivery process in real-time through the manageable dashboard menu report.

Time Limit

Integrate and delegate. Send messages across multiple channels simultaneously with just one click.


Organize your messages as needed. Set a specific time for your message to arrive to the audience on time.

Manage Template

Design layout according to your needs and preferences with support for media files and add CTA buttons.

Optimize engagement and turn it into conversions​

Take advantage of broadcast messages as a marketing approach to drive your business scale.

The best intelligent messaging platform for all business needs

Learn more about the most common cases that use our intelligent messaging to increase conversion

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Upselling & Cross-selling
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What is Intelligent Messaging?

Intelligent Messaging allows you to send the same message (static) or a different message (dynamic) to a large number of recipients simultaneously. In the event that the primary channel is not successful, IM will send the messages again to a backup channel.

It efficiently disseminates information or communication to a large customer base or a defined target.

IM will send the messages through various communication channels, including text messages, email, social media, or other instant platforms according to business needs.

1. Reach Wider Customers.

It enables your company to communicate with large number of people at once, which is extremely helpful if you need to send out educational messages via advertisements, alerts, reminders, and other means.

2. Communication Efficiency.

You can send the same message to all recipients, saving the time and effort needed to send individual messages.

3. Targeting Ability.

Even if it reaches many people, you can still segment message recipients based on criteria such as region, preference, geography, or purchase history to ensure your messages are more relevant.

4. Back-Up messaging.

If the primary channel fails to send the messages, IM will automatically re-send them to a backup rout

5. Time Flexibility.

You can set the time to send messages according to a predetermined schedule.

Yes, Sprint Intelligent Messaging connected with well-known communication channels like SMS, WhatsApp, Email, Line, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger, allow you to send millions of messages very easily.

You may view all campaign or message-sending activity in real-time on a single dashboard.

1. Promotion.

Customers can receive notifications from you about sales, product promotions, or exclusive offers, congratulations, send greetings for holidays, birthdays, and other important occasions.

2. Security Warning.

You can issue a warning in cases involving security or privacy.

3. Appointment or Schedule Reminders.

Customers may be reminded of appointments, payment due dates, or other significant occasions.

4. Event Announcement.

It efficiently promotes occasions like seminars, conferences, exhibitions, or unique gatherings.

1. Efficient Message Management.

Manage messages more efficiently, organize, and automate in one unified platform.

2. Integration with Other Systems.

Send messages more efficiently with multiple communication channels, even with other systems such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

3. Analytic.

The platform provides analytics that allows you to see how messages are performing.

4. Better Results.

You can improve from the data needed to measure the success of the messages sent concretely.

5. Quick Information Distribution.

If you have essential information that needs to be shared quickly, broadcast messages help you do that.