Reach your potential customers around you.

Send SMS messages to the audience in a specific geographic location, including important information about the best offers, discounts, and promotions and more.

The benefit of using LBA SMS

Location Targeting

Send advertising messages only to users in a specific geographic area, such as a city area or within a certain radius.

Automatic Message

Automate messages based on time and location to ensure messages are delivered.

Masking Sender

The name of the message’s sender is made according to the brand to make it more trusted.

Offer promotions to your customers in an accurate location

Providing special deals or discounts
to your customers at a specific and precise
geographical location.

Offers and Discounts

Send exclusive offers, discount coupons, or special promos to particular customers in specific locations.

Launch Product

Give your customer-related information about the new upcoming products in an accurate location.

Event Announcement

The announcements for special events will include concerts, art exhibitions, or community gatherings.

Community Services

Share the information to society in a precise and strategic location.

Retail Stores

Share special discounts by sending text messages to your customers near your store location.


Send promotional messaging within a 2-kilometer radius of the store location.

Provider Support

Complete your business promotion to the right target through LBA SMS


What is LBA SMS?

LBA SMS is an abbreviation for “Location-Based Advertising SMS.” It is a marketing approach that utilizes SMS or text messages to provide targeted adverts or promotional messages to mobile phone users based on their geographical location as it relates to the advertising objective.

The advantage of LBA SMS is that it can reach a targeted population near your business location to influence their purchasing decisions or a certain location that you are targeting.

LBA SMS campaign costs vary. Contact us at Sprint Asia Technology to get unique offer information.

It can be used by many businesses, from restaurants and retail stores to healthcare and travel services. Many companies can benefit from locally-based targeting.

Yes, LBA SMS is effective for all types of business. Effectiveness will depend on the type of business the campaign objectives are relevant to the target.