Live Chat

Optimize customer support with a Live Chat

Manage discussions from numerous communication channels in one integrated platform to provide prompt customer service.

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Improve perfomance to accomplish business goals with the benefit of Sandeza Live Chat

Generate Higher Customer Satisfaction

Quick and efficient responses make customers feel more satisfied, heard, and valued.

Increased Productivity

Improve representative agent performance with automation features to increase productivity.

Insightful Data Collection

Allows enterprises to collect valuable data about customer preferences and needs to enhance products, services, and marketing plans.

Solve Issue Quickly

Anticipate customer’s disappointment, quickly respond to problems, and elevate problem-solving efficiency.

Multiple Channels In One Platform

Respond to customer messages in real time via multiple channels such as WhatsApp, Line, Telegram, Facebook Manager, and others.

Build customer

trust with live chat

Get all the tools need to provide
excellent customer support.

Collaborate With Chatbots

Combine the capabilities of human agents with chatbots to reply to customer conversations more quickly and efficiently.

Assign Agent Roles

Increase agent productivity by using routing systems to respond to customers, direct them to appropriate agents, and distribute unresolved messages based on priority.

Measure Agent Performance

Set SLAs to evaluate teams based on their ability to respond to conversations and resolve customer issues effectively using analytics.

Single Platform

Respond to consumer inquiries swiftly using a single platform. Agents automatically reply to consumer complaints without having to switch applications.


Our CSAT dashboard will help you maintain and measure your client satisfaction.

Chat Tag

Add tags to your chats to give them context. Know what your customers talk about and what problems they face.

Easy and Flexible Integration

Sandeza Live Chat is available on all messaging communication platforms, including WhatsApp, Telegram, Line, Facebook Messenger, Websites, and Applications.

Collaboration with chatbots for more effective customer communication.

Build Relationship,
Support Customer Faster

Leave the outdated ways behind! Create memorable customer experiences through closer and personalized conversations.


What is Live Chat?

Live chat is a human-to-human digital communication tool that allows individuals or businesses to have text-based interactions in real-time. Live Chat provides a personalized customer experience by answering client inquiries directly and personally.

Sandeza Live Chat is available on all message communication platforms, including WhatsApp, Telegram, Line, Facebook Messenger, Websites, and Applications, as needed.

Improved customer service performance, cross-platform availability, efficient chat management, increased customer engagement, and more complete analytics are some of the advantages of applying Sandeza Live Chat.

Sandeza Live Chat provides detailed insights on customer interactions to assist organizations in making better decisions.

Sandeza Live Chat enhances the customer experience by providing access to numerous communication channels, offering faster responses, and ensuring consistency in service

Sandeza Live Chat agents can respond to frequent customer questions quickly by using templates or pre-written responses.