Loyalty program

Complete your business needs with a loyalty program

Increase customer and employee loyalty through digital voucher-based loyalty programs collaborating with various well-known brands in Indonesia.

Sprint Asia earned reputation as a trusted partner for well-established companies representing a wide range industries

Sprint Asia earned reputation as a trusted partner for well-established companies representing a wide range industries

Connect your customers loyalty with digital rewards

Emotional Marketing
Insightful Analysis
High Engagement

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Generating customer engagement has never been easier by giving electronic vouchers based on their interests.

The right solution to optimize your business loyalty program

Engage customers by using electronic voucher technology. Generating word of mouth impact about your product or service and build advocacy effectively.

Customer Loyalty

Win your customers’ loyalty using digital vouchers equipped with systematic reports.

Employee Engagement

The programs aimed at improving the quality of engagement with employees and monitoring their best performance.

Incentive Program

We help you build a program to provide an appreciation for your business’s best assets.

Voucher Digitalization

No more printed vouchers. Convert into digital vouchers for more seamless use.

Why Prezent?

Prezent offers comprehensive tools for your organization to develop a loyalty program, including point generation systems, campaign administration, digital voucher distribution, and comprehensive analytical reports. Prezent is designed to be incredibly user-friendly, making it simple to use.

Understand your customer in a better way

Real-time without voucher distribution fees

We'll help you plan the right campaign

Good value, competitive price

We provide you comprehensive reports

Prezent Features

Manage your digital voucher easily and simplify your reward process with powerful features 

Voucher Digitalization

Convert your vouchers into digital vouchers without needing a physical for a seamless experience.

Comprehensive Report

Get to know your consumers by viewing their voucher exchange habits through a comprehensive dashboard report.

API Integration

No more unexpected voucher stock outs. Easily automate your voucher stock through API and Prezent integration.

Voucher Delivery

Select voucher distribution according to your needs. Easy, fast, and practical.

Creator Campaign

Create attractive voucher campaigns for your customers in a way like never before.

Voucher Catalog

Once connected, you can choose various vouchers according to your needs.

What businesses can be supported by Prezent?



Oil & Gas



Consumer Goods



Merchant Partners

Prezent has partnered with various of merchants for your campaign needs

Sell, promote, build credibility, and support your business needs in one integrated platform.


Loyalty Program

A Loyalty Program is a strategic approach that businesses use to build and nurture strong customer relationships. It involves offering incentives or rewards to customers for their consistent support, encouraging repeat purchases and brand loyalty. These programs typically include perks like discounts, exclusive offers, or loyalty points to foster long-term customer engagement and drive sales.

A digital voucher-based loyalty program is a system where businesses provide digital vouchers to customers and employees as incentives or prizes to increase loyalty and engagement.

These programs can increase customer retention, encourage repeat sales, and expand the customer base.

Digital vouchers can be sent via a dedicated mobile platform or application. Customers can easily access and use this voucher.

You can contact the Prezent Digital Voucher team via Instagram, or request a demo at [email protected]

You can submit a complaint via live chat on the Prezent voucher page, LINE Official @Prezentvoucher, or Instagram @prezentvoucher.